Wednesday, 6 February 2013

The Search For A Metallic Shirt.

I haven't used my blog in about a year but I really have changed my interests a lot and want to focus this site around fashion as well as beauty. I find it hard when it comes to fashion, as a semi androgynous guy I usually wear female clothing, only for the fit. I am not into the dress and heels thing so I had a hard time finding my own style. I tend to stick to the polished look with a indie twist. This is where my search began.

My favourite brand and idol company, Burberry, have been really knocking it out the ball park with their collections and the current SS13 campaign is right up my street. When I first saw the metallic shirts and coats I jumped out my seat and then recoiled looking at the price tag, why oh why. I needed a metallic shirt. The mix of futuristic tailoring and 80's night club is the perfect mix that makes for one perfect statement piece.

I started my search on the high street, usually Topshop and H&M are brands that imitate Burberry within a month, remember all of Topshop's coats around autumn 2012? But I had no luck, I started to wonder if metallic was too 'out there' for the average consumer.

I started to search online and hit a stroke of luck, ASOS, they were in the mist of their wet look trend and while it was barely metallic I brought it thinking it was as close as I was going to get.

A few months past and it just wasn't cutting it, you could tell this as I was treating the shirt like a 13 year old might treat One Direction, it was my iPhone wall paper and It was all I talked about. I was about to give in and buy the Burberry shirt but I checked eBay one last time. This time I searched through the US site not the UK, I don't know why but I always seem to find things I am looking for this way?

Well, guess what I found, a metallic shirt, listed as a Burberry Metallic shirt 'dupe'. I looked into more detail and found it to be from a Polish H&M trend collection earlier in the year. While adding it into my watch list and reminding myself I am going to pay whatever for this shirt I looked back at the Burberry site, my size had sold out. I needed this shirt.

Well long story short, I got the shirt, I paid £30 before shipping, less than 10 times cheaper than the original. I didn't think the search for an item of clothing could of been so hard, but it was totally worth it. I am in fact wearing it now, dressed with black skinny's and black patent creepers.

I don't really know why I posted this story, I hope it inspires the fashion minded that no matter how much you want something, eBay will probably sell it, and never give up.

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Nicki Minaj Nails!

There is no hiding the fact I am a HUGE Nicki Minaj fan and in the run up to seeing her live for the first time I decided to do a nail inspired by her. Obviously I could of used her OPI colours or wrote barbie on my ring finger but no, I wanted a proper minaj manicure. So I found an eBay seller selling nail wraps, different to normal ones, they are alot thinner and remind me of the old school temporary tattoos you got as a kid but for you nails. Once you apply the design you apply a top coat and they claim to last for weeks and at under a £5 for 20 wraps you can't go wrong! They had loads of different designs, I went for the roman reloaded album cover image. You can see the result below :)

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Faction Mag UV Shoot!

Firstly if you haven't seen the first issue, where have you been? ( Secondly, we did the first shoot for the second issue today! The theme of this issue is digital, how exciting! Below is a trailer for the UV shoot. All makeup is done by me. The image making is done by Mike Raven. Hope you guys enjoy this!

Monday, 14 May 2012

Nails of the Year

Hey Guys! 

 So I have been taking photo's of my nails every time I paint them now for the past year and I had no reason for doing this..... until now. I was looking at a few nail of the day posts and thought why not combine all the images in to one messy post, so here we are. Some of the images are awful, as well as the nails. But some colours and combinations I am in love with. I will work on writing every single image with what colour, but right now I am suppose to be doing coursework, but I am writing this, oh well. Hope you all like this idea and I would love to see other peoples post, because we all know we have stock piles of images just sitting there. 
Hope you all are well! 

p.s sorry for the naughty cigarette images, slap my wrists.

MAC - Endless Night & China Glaze - Material Girl
MAC - Gareth Pugh polish? & Model's Own Nail Art Pen

MAC - Endless Night 
Deborah Lippmann - Today was a Fairytale & Barry M Silver Hexagrams

OPI - Rainbow Connection
Chanel - Jade Rose

Working on remembering this one
Chanel - June

No idea,
MAC - Endless Night & Nubar 2012

Working on remembering. 
Maybelline - Grey Couture? 

Illamasqua - Hemlock
Wait for it.

Essie Chinchilly & Model's Own Nail Art Pen
China Glaze Hunger Games shade to follow

17 - Grey Magnetised. 
Layla Hologram Effect  - Coral Glam

Will remember in due course.
Who knows, but it is rather awful.

Self Explanatory. 
Model's Own - Champagne