Monday, 10 January 2011

Haul - MAC, Rimmel & Random

I popped into my city center after Uni today and did a little bit of shopping. I swear I am addicted to shopping, it's a problem :P I only got a few bits, some MAC and everything else was on sale or cheap :) I went into MAC and brought a couple of eye shadows, Lucky Green & Cranberry. They were an kind of impulse buy as I only needed two more to complete my MAC palette. I then went into Boots to look at all the 50% off stuff, there wasn't much there. The make up called me over, as it does to all of us ;) and I had a look at lip liners, I really wanted to get a nude one as they are fun and can really help lip colour last. Finally I went in to House of Frazer, when ever I have some spare money or get paid I pick up some glass ware, I know that's weird but the set I buy is so pretty. I have nearly all of it and a big enough set to, hopefully, keep forever. I still live at home but when I move out I will use them. I got the big vase holder of alcohol thing? today, it was £18 reduced to £5.37 :D and two wine glasses, reduced to £2.25 :) It wasn't too big of a haul but I really need to stop buying things, well maybe soon. A photo is below and also is my completed MAC palette. Any questions about shades just ask! Have a great day. Matt x


  1. great haul :)
    those glasses are really pretty!


  2. Thank you :) hehe i know, I have to keep them in a box full of bubble wrap but get them out and look at them when I am sad haha x

  3. I have a bit of a shopping habbit too, I cant go near shops without buying something and have to be dragged away from a Superdrug or Boots just for the fact they always have an offer on make up and I will buy loads of it! I've put a spending ban on myself for cosmetics and I havn't yet bought any this month but at the end of the month I think I might have a massive blowout lol! I really love them glasses, ive seen some simular but clear in sainsburys xx

  4. love your blog!!! im addicted to shopping also, especially for make-up :) xx