Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Haul - MAC, Vivienne Westwood & Lush

I know I have been AWOL for like 2 weeks, sorry, work and uni have been crazy. But I was still shopping :) it's an addiction. I popped into MAC as you do. I picked up a Chromagraphic Pencil, they had sold out in my lighter shade, but I wanted one to use for my sister prom make up in a few months. I also got suckered in to MAC's new mirror thing, it's really thin and can fit in your wallet/bag/purse super easily, and it was only £5. I saw the promo images for Viva Glam Gaga 2 online, amazing! but yeah I am running out the lipstick so I picked up back ups of both the lip stick and lip glass.

Also this month I have had an obsession with Vivienne Westwood, and after doing lots of over time over the Christmas period my pay was good enough to go a tad crazy. I have got the plastic pirate boots and I love them but they have nothing on the originals so I got the black and tan leather pirate boots. They were a nightmare to order online as it doesn't say if your are ordering men's or women's shoe sizes! so I kind of risked it as I could of sent them back. But they fit and they are perfect. While ordering something else accidentally fell in my online 'basket', the small thin scarf thing, they are really small but so pretty and only £15 so I thought why not. They came in 3 days which confused me as I thought there was some kind of 6 month waiting list, the only thing that p***ed me off was FedEx left the box outside in my back garden, with no note! What if I hadn't of looked, they would have been rained on. Idiots. Oh and also I have to get them re-soled before I wear them, for £350 you think they would come with extra sole and heel protection right?

After going to Vivienne Westwood's Worlds End store on kings road last year I had my eye on a pair of shorts for the summer, they didn't have my size but the lovely girl that works there tracked them down in my colour and size and let me know they had them, they are perfect for the summer and I can't wait to wear them.
Then at work all the amazing new stuff came out, I still have no idea if I am allowed to talk about the products on here, so I am not going to risk it and just show a few pictures below. I got all of the new range but used a few things before the post.

I also got a new tattoo this month, I have a big one booked for next month but this was my January fix. I have always wanted my leg tattooed, but for some reasons all of my others are from the stomach up. I walked in to a tattoo shop with no idea what to get, saw a photo of a swallow and thought why not they are cute. I got it just above my knee so in a ideal world when I wear my new shorts in the summer I will have a pretty tattoo on show. I have like 100000 tattoo's ( 7 ) so if anyone wanted my to do an overview or post about them just let me know, excuse the crappy cling filmed covered photo, I don't want to take a good one now as it's healing and looks yucky!

I know this is quite a big haul but I do work hard for my money and this is what I love to spend it on. I have another haul coming but I am waiting for one more thing to arrive, but I can't wait, I was going to keep it a surprise but its the OPI & Katy Perry collection! eek! Sorry for my lack of blogging lately, I will try to step it up again. Have a great day! Matt x

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