Thursday, 27 January 2011

Haul - OPI, Britney Spears & Alexander McQueen

Another haul, big surprise there right? Just a few bits that I picked up this week. I had heard so much about the new OPI Katy Perry collection that I knew I needed to get them. I opted for the mini set of them all, they are tiny, like 5cm (approx)! But yeah from seeing swatches I knew I would love Teenage Dream so I got the big bottle of that one as well. I got all of them from the ASOS website, they were priced ok, the mini set was £12.75 and the big bottle was £10.50. While on ASOS I had a peek at the last of the sale items and managed to bag my self some Alexander McQueen perfume, with a crazy discount! It was originally £57 and in the sale it was £22.75. I also while picked up some essentials today in boots I saw that the Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy was on discount for £12 something. So I got that too :) I will do a review of the OPI varnishes soon. Have a great day. Matt x

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