Thursday, 27 January 2011

OPI Katy Perry Nail Lacquers Review

I love Katy Perry and when I heard this collection was coming out I picked up the mini set of this collection and also a big bottle of my favorite. I ordered them off the site ASOS, they are amazing, apart from when delivered they were left outside my front door for anyone to steal grr. Upon opening the box I realised how small the min set was, it's tiny. The bottles have 3.75ml or 1/8 FL oz compared to the big bottle which has 15ml or 0.5 FL oz, you can see that is a crazy difference and like over 3 times the size. The packaging for the mini set is ok, I really like the promo image. There are 4 different colours and they all have different names that are titles of Katy Perry song off her Teenage Dream album.

Teenage Dream
This is my favorite of the collection, it is pink and super sparkly. The main based is a shimmery light pink and then there is chunky glitter through out the product, they are silver but shine rainbow colours in the light. This one is not opaque but not shear, it can be built up.

The One That Got Away

This one is a shimmery darkened red, almost blood red but a bit darker. The shimmer is very subtle but there. This one has a lot more opaque formulation and I don't think you would need more than 2 coats.

Last Friday Night
This is the one I am the most disappointed with. It is a true blue colour but with some dodgy glitter. the smaller pieces are blue and cute but there are some really chunky bits that don't really shine and just sit in the blue. The formulation isn't that good either, it is very sheer and could only be warn over another polish.

Not Like The Movies
This one is my new favorite, I am really tempted to buy the full size. It reminds me of petrol. It is a duo chrome of green, grey, gold, pink & purple. I really love it. It is very similar to The One That Got Away in consistency and would be fully opaque in 2 coats. There are really small bit of glitter/shimmer in this one too.

Over all i am fairly happy with the collection, I wish they gave you four colours that were all great quality and not sheer. I guess that you could use the glittery sheers ones as a top coat on the other too, the colours do match. I think the mini set is slightly over priced for the size but what do you expect, it's OPI. I much prefer the big bottles it feels like you are getting more for your money. Hope this helps. Sorry I didn't do swatches on my nails the lighting here is terrible and I wanted to get this post up as soon as I could. Have a great day. Matt x

P.S I met Katy Perry in December, she was lovely. I though I would include a photo of me and her, as this post is kind of Katy Perry themed.


  1. awhhhhh... So jealous you met her! I love Katy Perry.
    From just looking at them... Last friday night and not like the movies look gorgeous to me. But I can see last friday night being crappy with the big glitter chunks, think I may just have to get the other one though!

  2. Last friday night is a bit crappy but it is still really pretty and would look amazing over a blue,grey or black :) I love not like the movies, I really want it full size :) thank you so much for the comment x

  3. :O teenage dream (polish :)) is gooooowgus! x sooo pretty wiv all the different colourd glitters! x lv the pic aswl! uur so lucky! :D xx