Saturday, 29 January 2011

Prom Makeup Look

My sister's prom is soon and I am doing her makeup. We had a test run today. She is wearing a purple dress, not light not dark not lilac, just purple. We decided on a plum smokey eye with nude pink lips. We also played around with a cat eye. She did her mascara, I hate the stuff, it always looks like thickness and gloppy yuck, all the time on every one's, just my opinion. But yeah here is a photo below of the eyes, we tried 'hush' OCC lip tar. but she didn't like the feel of it on her lips. Anyway yeah, have a great weekend! Matt x

1 comment:

  1. I dislike mascara too, but I love the effect so keep using it until a better alternative rolls around. Generally I put a thin coat on, then go through my eyelashes like twelve times with a thinner brush, then clean up all the excess that gets on the skin under the lower lashes if I'm not wearing eyeliner because it looks really weird.

    Is your sister in Year Eleven? (are you in the UK? If not that's like Grade Eleven or something) I am too. Our prom is ages away, though. Lovely makeup. She's so lucky to have a brother than can do makeup for her!