Friday, 7 January 2011

Review - Vivienne Westwood Plastic Pirate Shoes

I have decided to post about fashion on here too, as who doesn't like pretty things right? I got these amazing boots for Christmas and I love them so much. There are a few things that irritate me but this is what I think about them.

They came delivered in a huge box, I knew what they were as I was the one who ordered them. The box is so pretty and big and I will be doing the lame thing of keeping them in the box forever. They also came wrapped in Vivienne Westwood Orb wrapping paper and with a Christmas card, which was a nice touch but as they were £185, I hoped they would come with finishing touches. On Vivienne Westwood's website, where I got them from, they are described as..

'for autumn/winter Vivienne Westwood launches her plastic range of shoes for men. This pirate shoe is finished with a brown leather tongue and leather straps that are secured with the Westwood Orb engraved silver metal buckles'

...this is all true and when I opened the box all I could smell was the leather, so I knew they used good quality material. When I got them I was a bit unsure about the whole brown/black theme as I had no idea what to wear with them, but after trying them on with a few things they really go go with almost everything. The shoe is made out of plastic, but not like 'jelly shoe' material more like wellington boots. The back of the shoe has another strip of the plastic with Vivienne Westwood written vertically, I think this is a really nice touch.

The bottom of the show is the thing that disappointed me, or confused me to say the least, the whole bottom is made of plastic, so I am so worried that if I wear the bottom down would I be able to get them re-heeled? I emailed a shoe fixing company and I am awaiting a reply.

I honestly love these shoes, I know they are expensive for what they are but I believe in paying for quality which, fingers crossed, will last forever. I love the small touches Vivienne Westwood add's like the famous Orb on the buckle. I hope these shoes last forever as they are now officially my favorite thing in the world. I know this post is pointless for some people, but like I said before they are just so pretty. Have a great day. Matt x


  1. Oooo

    Those are pretty fine boots. Reheeling seems unlikely though.. just walk carefully! :]

  2. Those are really nice but yeah the plastic sole seems like was a stupid choice!

  3. I know it's really lame, but oh well. thanks for the comments guys :) x

  4. (It IS pretty durable plastic, though. A summer pair of VW Melissas took me through a walking holiday with the barest of scratches. So don't worry!)

  5. I have a pair of Jimmy Choo for Hunter wellies and they are never off my feet. As Claire has already said they barely ware down. In fact mine could still pass as new such is the durability of rubber. It'll never be an issue so wear them often and with joy. They're amazing!! xxx

  6. Hey! I'm so interested by these shoes but can't find myself with brown touch or black one..
    Can you do a look picture, to view with clothes, what's the best and so.

  7. Hey thanks for the comment, I will get round to doing an OOTD for you when I next wear the boots. Have a great day!