Friday, 11 February 2011

Haul - MAC, Chanel, NARS & Vivienne Westwood

Hey this is this weeks haul, I know it is a lot but I get bored and spend too much money.

I went in to MAC earlier this week as I had a B2M and I needed to pick up some more fix +, the I got drawn in by the eye shadow and decided to by a new palette and make it a neutral one, I got 'Sable' as everyone is always talking about it and I can see why, it is really good quality and so pretty. The lip stick I got from B2M was 'Patisserie' I had never heard of it before but it is beautiful, I am really in to my nudes lately and those colours that are the 'my lips colour but better'. But yeah it is a Luster and I love it.I then went to Chanel to have a 'look' at the kind of new collection. It was so pretty I couldn't resist. I got the pink lipstick from the spring collection, it is called 'Jersey Rose', I swatched it in store and I loved it as it was not too pigmented and I really have been loving glossy lipsticks lately, but when I got it home it was a tad too pigmented but I am sure it will grow in me. I also looked at the lip gloss and swatched a few and I fell in love with this one, it is called 'petit peche'. It is a really light pinky peach with lots of silver glitter through out. There is hardly any pigmentation to it, but it does nude down my lips a little, which I really like.

Sable, Jersey Rose, Patisserie, Petit Peche

On Monday I also picked up the NARS book, I got it as not only is the make up amazing but Francois Nars ( the creator of NARS) is also a photographer and did all the photo's in the book. I thought this was really cool and I could use it for some uni research.

I also got the new Vivienne Westwood Comic Relief t-shirt, I know it is really tacky and people will buy them and be like ' ohh I am wearing Vivienne Westwood' but I got it as it goes to a good cause and I really love and respect Vivienne Westwood. I like the iconic image too.

This week I also got some Vivienne Westwood shorts from ASOS, I wanted them in January, But they sold out in every size except XL so I left it, But I went on the other night and they had XS, I put in my basket and then looked again and the size was gone so I got the last ones! yay! They were also reduced from £85 to £42. Bargin!

I know this is quite a lot but I work really hard, and this is what I choose to spend my money on. Have a great day! Matt x

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