Wednesday, 23 February 2011

My Wish List

After reading Belle Du Jour's latest post ( I decided that I wanted to do a wish list. It seems really fun and simple and they are the kind of thing I love reading. So here it is, this is my current wish list.

1) Louis Vuitton Speedy 35/40 - I need this bag I have been thinking it about it over and over for nearly a year. I just can't decide on the size. The 35 is perfect but I want to be able to carry my big SLR and university books in it, and being a guy I have heard only the 40 looks like a men's bag. I am going to London soon so I am going to try them on I guess, but hopefully soon this will be mine.

2) MAC Wonder Woman Blush in Amazon Princess - It is so unfair living in the UK, as all the collections come out so late. Everyone has this and it looks so pretty. I only have to wait till the 3rd but yeah it just seems so far.

3) MAC Quite Cute Collection - This collection looks like the cutest thing I have ever seen. Again we have to wait like 7 years for it to come out. I really am looking forward to the lavender lipstick and blush.

5) Vivienne Westwood Seditionary Canvas 6688 Shoes - They are new design, blue and beautiful. There are selling our already and I am so tempted to get them before they are gone. They are like the perfect summer shoes!

6) OPI Pirates of the Caribbean Collection - No words. well.. skull and gloss bones! Need. Now. Please.

7) Lady Gaga Born This Way Album - Again I just can't wait anymore. I am a bit pissed off that if you live in the US and go to target you get 3 extra songs that we can't get. But whatever, bring on May 23rd.

8) Alexander Mcqueen Bow Tie - Random I know but I have a feeling these will be highly sort after soon and can see all the shops like topman creating them. I think it would be so cute with the VW shoes above.

9) Alexander Mcqueen Black Patent Skull Wrap Cuff - This is just so pretty.

I know I will most likely never get any of this, but a boy can dream. Have a great day! Matt x


  1. BTW fricking hurry up mannnnnn. I want at least a video!

  2. Ohh! I want to try out the quite cute collection!! <3 Specially the lilac lipsticks! They look like the lime crime ones!

    Love your wish list! ^_^

  3. Thank you so much for your comment. Yeah I know right, I am so excited for that collection! :)