Thursday, 3 February 2011

Review - MAC Kissable Lipcolour

These products are amazing, like MAC need to make them permanent. I was a bit confused as to what they were but my MAC MUA said they are like a hybrid between a lip gloss and a lip stick. I had no idea which ones I wanted to get, i knew I wanted the blue as it was so fun, but I was unsure as I knew I would never wear it. But, yeah there is a but, my MUA showed me the amazing way to wear it. She knew I loved purples so she showed me the most amazing combo ever. She took Snob lip stick by MAC and patted it on my lips so it stained my lips then put the smallest amount of Peacocky lip colour on top. I looked amazing. Next I wanted a nude, so I went for So Vain, it is perfect, it matches my lip colour but has that 'My lip colour but better effect'. I am so happy I got these products and I will be going back to get more. The price is ok, they are £16, but they are so worth it, the texture is so nice. The colour is true to the tube and are nearly opaque, they would be if you put on a thick layer. They do that gloppy thing for two seconds and then they melt in to your lips, and stay there, for ages. You get 5g of product which compared to the normal 4.8g of a lip glass it fair, it could be worse MAC have a habit of giving us less for our money. But yes, go buy these, I think they are amazing and I can see them selling out very quickly. Below are swatches on my lips, Ignore my face, and the crappy inside of my lip shiny bit. Comment if you have any questions. Also the images are stupid over photo shopped, and really badly too, But I have like two minutes to post this and my skin looks awful today. Have an amazing day! Matt x


Snob + Peacocky

So Vain


  1. Cute!
    I really want Woo Me, but £16 is a lot incase I dont like it haha, I dont like lipglosses so Im not sure x

  2. You should so get it, they are not really like lip gloss, more like liquid lipstick, there is no stickyness, they are more like 'dry' lol. thanks for the comment :) x