Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Mega Cheap Chanel Graphite Dupe!

Hey Guys!

I have decided to blog about things that are not big enough to make a video and to be honest I have missed blogging. We first up tonight is an amazing dupe I have found for you all. I know everyone loves a bit of Chanel, me included, but sometimes I really can't justify paying so much for a nail polish. So I was wondering around Superdrug and spotted that Collection 2000 had some new shades and guess what I saw, a Graphite Dupe, named All That Jazz! I was so happy. It was £1.70ish I think BUT they had an offer on 2 for £1.99 so I grabbed like 6 bottles including this one here! It apply's amazingly in one coat and drys mega fast. I do not own Chanel's Graphite but from looking at swatches it is just a tad more sparkly which can be added from a top coat and too be honest I don't really like sparkle on my nails this time of year. So I hope guys liked this and let me know if you pick this shade up!

Have an amazing week!

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