Monday, 31 October 2011

Chanel - Lumiére Sculptée De Chanel Highlighting Powder

Hey Guys! I popped into Chanel today and the Christmas collection (I think it is the Christmas collection, could be wrong) had just been released this morning! I loved it all, there was a beautiful nude lip gloss with amazing sparkles, I loved it but I will pick it up closer to Christmas. Next was a setting powder with little to no coverage or colour but guys it was glittery! and I don't mean shimmer I mean FULL ON sparkles! I wanted it so much, I still do, but I just couldn't justify spending that much on glitter. Sad times.

The product I did get on the other hand I couldn't say no too, it is a highlight powder, in a Chanel compact, slightly gold but just so much better, like there are no words. Chanel describes it as a natural highlighting powder with a luminous finish which is so true.

As you can see the compact comes in the famous Chanel velvet pouch.

Compact with finger prints on already, opps.

I love the design on the powder, slightly Aztec? I am not sure but it isn't that Christmasy. I love the brush that it comes with, the angle on it help to apply the product and I love you get an actual brush and not a sponge applicator.

The Powder is not two different colours, it looks like it as there is a shadow from the lid of the compact, or it could be the mirror? But the one at the top is much more true to life.

Here is a really bad swatch, as it is so natural, it is hard to pick up in images with out editing the image and I don't use Photoshop on swatches. I love the glow it gives and I cannot wait to use this on my cheek bones. I really would recommend this product as your Christmas splurge, it is slightly higher end, but from past experience Chanel is defiantly worth the extra.

Happy Halloween!

Have an amazing day!

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  1. I tested this in the store I love Chanel normally but sorry this was totally NOT worth the money at all it has a beautiful packinging but thats all it has to offer