Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Clinique Chubby Colour & Shine Gift Pack

Hey Guys! I have wanted to try these products for ages, so instead of buying one full size I thought I would pick up the gift set with 4 smaller ones in. It cost £27 which I think is a bargain. I got it from Debenhams on the Clinique counter. I haven't really tried much from this brand before, only their skin care, which I didn't really get on with. But on first impressions these look amazing!

I love the way these look, they almost look like a chubby lip liner, well I get in some ways they could be? But They are a pencil shape that has a screw top up the bottom so you don't need to sharpen the product. They are super glossy but still have really nice pigmentation.

You get a really cure silver makeup bag free with the set, it is a slightly smaller makeup bag than I would normally use, but it is perfect for nights out. Oh and it's pink on the inside! Yay!

So you get 4 different shades you get;
- Mega Melon
- Woppin' Watermelon
- Whole Lotta Honey
- Super Strawberry

Here are swatches of the 4 lip products, as you can see some are more sheer than others but all of them have some pigmentation. I love how they are all super wearable. All in all I think this an amazing little set to try the chubby sticks. I really like them so far and I can defiantly see my self going back and trying some other shades.

(Mega Melon, Super Strawberry, Woppin' Watermelon & Whole Lotta Honey)

Hope your having an amazing week.


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  1. They're really pretty colours, but I can't take the name "chubby stick" seriously x