Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Nicki Minaj Nails!

There is no hiding the fact I am a HUGE Nicki Minaj fan and in the run up to seeing her live for the first time I decided to do a nail inspired by her. Obviously I could of used her OPI colours or wrote barbie on my ring finger but no, I wanted a proper minaj manicure. So I found an eBay seller selling nail wraps, different to normal ones, they are alot thinner and remind me of the old school temporary tattoos you got as a kid but for you nails. Once you apply the design you apply a top coat and they claim to last for weeks and at under a £5 for 20 wraps you can't go wrong! They had loads of different designs, I went for the roman reloaded album cover image. You can see the result below :)

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